Excited to be a Sprint Ambassador Plus Giveaway

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Sprint. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and to thank me for participating. #Sponsored 

We are so excited to be part of the #SprintMom Sprint Ambassador program this year. Do you remember our Sprint posts from last year? We have used Sprint as our cell service for a while now and we LOVE that we have service in our rural area! While Brian and I only have two phones right now, we know we will be adding phones with the kids get older. I still remember convincing my mom I should have a cell phone for the drive to college and back. I’m sure that our kids will have a phone long before that. The new Sprint Framily Plan is great for keeping your cell phone bill in your budget!

Details on the Sprint Framily Plan …

With the Sprint Framily Plan, you and up to 10 friends, family members, and even coworkers and parents from the soccer team can be a part of a Framily group with unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data each, while on the Sprint network. Each of the members on the Framily plan receives a separate bill with no annual service contracts or early termination fees, all for as little as $25 a month per line when you have 7 – 10 members in the Framily group.
Not a Sprint customer yet? Don’t Fret. Run to your local Sprint store for this offer …

Through May 8, 2014, new customers who bring their number to Sprint and sign up for a Sprint Framily Plan can receive up to $300 in credit for their current phone and a Visa® Prepaid Card worth up to $350 to cover switching fees. This offer will be available exclusively at Sprint stores and online at Sprint.com through May 8.

We are hosting a giveaway for one of you to win the HTC One max smartphone!! This is a perfect addition to a Sprint Framily Plan! Who would you add to your Sprint Framily Plan?htconemax-smartphone

Details on the HTC One max smartphone …

The HTC One max smartphone offers users a massive screen with a 5.9-inch display and amped speakers for watching videos or viewing pictures on the go. The feature-rich camera offers users the ability to take photos with a fun, artistic flair, and gives users news recommendations based on likes on social media, for breaking news that matters most to them.

Good Luck!!  Make sure to stay tuned throughout the year to see what else Sprint has planned for us!

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  1. steve weber says:

    my dad, 2 sisters and my girlfriend would be in my FRAMILY plan.

  2. Mary Happymommy says:

    I would add my mother in law, father in law, and brother in law.

  3. Heather Dawn says:

    I would add my husband, mom, and brother.

  4. christine jessamine says:

    I would add my father in law, husband and mom

  5. Harmony B says:

    I would add my husband, mother, friends

  6. Tabathia B says:

    I would add my mother, husband and my three oldest daughters

  7. Šimon Slávik says:

    I would add to Sprint Framily plan my brother and mother.

  8. nicole dz says:

    I would add my hubby, my niece, my cousin, my sister, and my best friend to my family plan. Awesome phone by the way!

  9. Lisa Brown says:

    i would have my husband and I on a plan

  10. I would include my husband, parents and brother.

  11. ellen casper says:

    I would add my sister, husband and sons

  12. My inlaws

  13. I would definitely add my three best friends to the plan

  14. Austin Baroudi says:

    My parents, my brother, and my sister.

  15. My sister & her husband!

  16. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would add my parents and brother!

  17. I would add my son and husband.

  18. I would add my parents

  19. I would add my mom, siblings and some of my friends.

  20. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Would Add My 3 Sisters And Mom To My “Framily” Plan!

  21. I would put my parents and my husband on it.

  22. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would add my parents and GF to a Sprint Framily Plan.

  23. Travis Faulkner says:

    The wife, mom, dad, and the boss

  24. I would add myself, my husband, kids and parents.

  25. Rachel Cartucci says:

    I would add my husband,brother inlaw and my sister!

  26. Jammie says:

    My daughter and my husband, and maybe my mother in law

  27. Meena R says:

    I would add my husband and my daughter to the plan.

  28. Angela Y says:

    I would add my husband and grandfather.

  29. amanda whitley says:

    i would add my husband

  30. My sister and brother-in-law

  31. kellie rose wilson says:


  32. My family and friends.

  33. I’d add my fiance and my mother :)

  34. I would add my husband, my mom , my grandma and my two older kids

  35. courtney b says:

    probably just my husband. can’t think of anyone else!

  36. Cálaeb Temple says:

    i would add my nephews to the plan.

  37. jules m. says:

    i would add my two daughterrs to my plan.

  38. John Hallanger says:

    I would my wife and youngest daughter.

  39. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I would add me, hubby, my three daughters and mom.

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