Friday Favorites: Tonka Mighty Dump Truck

Yes, I am sticking with a toy theme as it is December and we have some toys that are seriously loved at our house!

Friday Favorites is another almost weekly feature here at Simply Budgeted. The whole point of this feature is to share some of our favorite finds. Anything is game. Food. Cleaning supplies. Kid stuff. Garden favorites. Recipes. Anything that I really like and want to randomly post about. Reminder/Disclaimer/Whatever: Everything in Friday Favorites is something that we use and bought on our own.

Up this week …

Tonka Toughest Vehicle – Mighty Dump Truck

Details …

  • Full lifetime guarantee
  • Oversized dump truck measures 18 by 11-1/4 inches; 6-1/2-inch tires
  • Large-capacity dump bed constructed of heavy-duty steel
  • Rugged plastic body and tires safe for wet, muddy conditions
  • Tilt-back dump bed with sturdy plastic handle for lifting. Yellow or red truck selected at random when shipped.

Tonka trucks are made with steel and rugged plastic, and guaranteed for life! Young engineers are sure to have hours of fun with this authentic-looking dump truck. Giant wheels make even the most rugged sites accessible! Indoors or out, the Mighty Truck gets the job done!

Colors and styles vary. Yellow or red truck selected at random when shipped.

Did you know that “Tonka” means “great” in Sioux? It’s no surprise considering just how long this great, reliable brand of toy trucks has been around! In 1947, the first Tonka brand toy trucks were actually designed and manufactured by the Mound Metalcraft Company, a small garden toll manufacturer operating from a small schoolhouse basement in Minnesota. In their first year of operation, a staff of only a half dozen people produced a total of 37,000 metal trucks with two designs. This inventory sold out in just a few months as many post-World War II families quickly accepted this new toy. As a result, in 1949, the first Tonka dump truck was introduced launching the first generation of the Tonka brand’s family tree. Today, the Tonka brand upholds the same premise it was found on: a toy should be durable and provide the child with as much play value possible.

Our Thoughts …

Little Dude received the yellow version as a birthday gift when he turned one. He is now two and this is one of his favorite toys. He calls it “truck”. He loves to pile his blanket and sippy cup and whatever else he can find and run around the living room in circle pushing this truck. We love it is a steel truck so he hasn’t broken it! This is a heavy duty truck. There are a few toys the kids have that I will keep when they are done with them to give back to them one day and I think this will go in his box. It is big but this truck will hold up to another generation for sure!

If you have a truck lover, check this out for sure! By the way, don’t buy this on Amazon. The price on Amazon right now is triple that of ToysRUs!;)
Do you have this truck at your house? What is the favorite toy at your house right now? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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    I have three sons who loved playing with Tonka trucks and had no idea the name meant “great” in Sioux. You certainly do learn something new everyday. My boys loved these and so did I – they could be handled rough, left outside, run through the dirt and still survive.

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