Changing Seasons with Miche

I received a product sample to facilitate my review from Sandra Jacobs.

I received my Miche Prima base bag and first shell as a gift. I was sold right then with my first shell. As a mom of three that works full time and never seems to stop, my world is in my purse. Any by my world, everything is in  my purse. Maybe a snack, maybe a toy from the kids (we are past paci’s at least!), maybe a bottle of water, maybe my shopping list, a few ink pens, my glasses, my sunglasses, my post-it notes, wait … you don’t carry post-it notes in your purse?  At any rate you can see my purse not only stocks me but also my family. The Prima size purse is just right for me.

At times, I want to change my purse for season or the evening but I don’t have time to shuffle everything between two purses. This is where Miche solves my purse struggles! I grab a new shell and I am set in minutes.

First I want to introduce you to my Allie shell that I bought on a Throwback Thursday promotion back in March. (Tip: The Throwback Thursday promotions are a great way to add to your shell collection.) The Allie shell has been my summer purse and I have loved it! I know my Allie shell could take me into the start of Fall but I also know that I will want a winter purse. I love the Honor – Prima shell that Sandra sent to me. I hope these pictures show you how easy it is to change the shell of a Miche purse!

My Allie – Prima Shell …

Miche Allie Prima Purse

Changing my Allie – Prima Shell …

Miche Handbag Switch 1

Miche Handbag Switch 2

Miche Handbag Switch 3

Changing into the Honor – Prima Shell …

Miche Handbag Switch 4


Miche Handbag Switch 5

My new fall look …

Michele Honor Prima ready

Ready for being a mom on the go in the mini-van …

Michele Honor Prima On the Go

Tip: Start your Miche collection with purchasing a Bundle – Base bag+ 2 shells! Want to know what size is right for you? Check out this graphic?

miche sizes

Did you know that Miche has donated over Millions of Dollars to cancer research with purchases from our Hope Shells and the Stars & Stripes shells proceeds are going towards the “Wounded Warrior Project”? You can provide business opportunity to join an amazing company as low as $49.99!

Sandra has two August specials right now …

  • Purchase of $129.00 – customer gets to select a Free Wallet value of $29.95
  • Each customer that makes a BUNDLE purchase will receive a Gift from me that saw my information from your Blog .. (Miche Mirror or Miche Fan)

Which bag size is the right size for you? Have you tried Miche bags? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I carried a Prima for YEARS! LOVE LOVE LOVE Miche!

    • My customers love the prima bag , great size for mom’s , students or to take to work to carry your work files or laptop. Let me know if you have any questions
      Sandra Jacobs

  2. thats a good loking bag. I always though they were really stiff. I like my bags more soft and slouchy

  3. I have THE Miche classic… but WANT the demi size. I just wish they had a coral/salmon color wrap… I am SO picky with my bags. :)

  4. I really like the shell you changed from :)

  5. What a neat idea! I love the ability to swap looks. The black is very versatile, but I am like Robin and adore your previous shell.

    • Black was one shell I was missing. I normally go for color. I have a great dark purple one I LOVE too. Oh and a black and white floral I carried most of last winter … the shells are addictive!

    • The shell that Beth showed earlier photo is a retired shell that we no longer carry. Miche retires shells to make room for the new collections to come. If you email me I can include you on my list to receive specials and “miche throwback Thursday special ” weekly deal from miche every Thursday :-)

  6. I totally need one of these. Will help with my ever changing moods when it comes to my purses.

  7. This is the first time I’ve heard of those. Very pretty!

  8. Hi Nolie please let me know if you have any questions.. I personally carry Demi shell perfect size for me to carry my iPad but not as big as the prima size bag..the bundle is a great way to start your collection with miche.

  9. I had never heard of the Miche bag before but I LOVE the concept and would LOVE the prima shell! I think it would also make a terrific gift for my 17 year old. She’s way past backpacks for school but has soooo much stuff to carry she needs a sturdy, reliable bag.. .and she needs it to be stylish .. she is a young lady after all :-)

  10. That is really cool! I had no idea they made anything like that!

  11. I’ve never heard of these bags before but they’re really cool. I love the first shell you changed from, the yellow. It’s really pretty.

  12. Oh my! I have seen some cars around town with the window decals advertising these purses but I never knew exactly what it was. I’m blown away by the versatility of them and mixing matching to outfits without breaking the bank.

  13. I am in need of a new purse and I love that Prima size. Gonna look at buying.

  14. That is such a beautiful handbag!

  15. Ohh another great features of MICHE bags- not only are you able to change the exterior of the size bag you choose in 30seconds or less without emptying your bag but you are also able to change the Handles to match your Shells (these are the exterior of the bag) – the handles have caribineers that make it easy to open and change handles to coordinate with different shell designs and colors :-)

  16. Wow love the versatility of this bag. It’s very fashionable yet durable.

  17. I’m glad you showed it on your shoulder because that really gave me a good idea of the size. It’s very roomy and the shells are awesomely cute.

  18. I’ve been eying the miche purses for quite some time because of the versatility. It looks like it is so easy to switch out and I love how you went from summer to fall.

  19. So excited to see Miche being showcased at the EMMY’s red carpet event this weekend… Whooo Stars are loving Miche concept and you will too once you own one and see how easy it will make your daily routine to change your purse without emptying the contents :-)

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