Wordless Wednesday: Out with the Old, In with the New … Fridge

We bought a new fridge on Sunday afternoon. We have wanted a new fridge since we moved in this house almost five years ago. This explains why, this was our old fridge (by our calculations/research it was 10-12 years old) …

Good-bye old fridge that froze stuff in the fridge thanks to its poor design. Goodbye old fridge that had no space in it for Grace’s lunch box plus a week’s worth of fresh food.

Hello new fridge …


 ahhh. The space in this fridge is amazing.

And it is all because I opened the darn Lowe’s sale email that came Sunday morning that had it 40% plus we got Brian’s military discount of 10% off. I think I will put a bow or a wreath or LED lights on it for Christmas because this is now our Christmas present!

Let us know where your Wordless Wednesday is so we can come say hi!

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    We are slowly replacing our appliances one by one. I can’t wait until it’s time for a new fridge. I love the one you picked out. Great Christmas gift!

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    Really nice! Word to the wise though do yourself a favor and be sure to get the non-toxic cleanser. the cleansers they sell at the store for stainless steel appliances are toxic to animals and kiddos. My friend had a very sick cocker spaniel that was snooting in the overspray from the regular cleanser, the vet confirmed it was the stainless steel cleanser.

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