Wordless Wednesday – And it starts …

Grace asked to fill in her reading log on Monday night. I said yes. This is what I found.


Dear Grace –

Thanks for signing my initials too!

Love, Mommy


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  1. Soon she’ll have your signature down too!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious. Good luck!

  3. That is too cute (at that age) not in high school. Oh no, not in high school. ;0

  4. Well, it’s good she is learning early. That might come in handy one day ;).

  5. Ha Ha ha. Next will be notes to be excused from school to go home play

  6. Too cute! watch out! lol

  7. HA too funny :)

  8. So cute! Little rascal :)

  9. he he, first I was like “YAY! great job!” then I saw the initials…too funny!

  10. lol! ooops!

  11. LOL I love that.

  12. Ha! This happened to me last year and it was so funny. Looked nothing like my signature either!

  13. Starting her off early, huh? Cute.

  14. lol, uh oh!

  15. That is so sweet! I actually miss the days of filling out the reading logs. Enjoy! Happy WW!

  16. LOL That is so cute but Liz is right, not good when she is at high school although it worked for me!

  17. Uh oh! And it begins lol

  18. Haha- too funny!

  19. Lol! She’s starting out young 😉

  20. So cute! It’s great that she wants to help but maybe you should talk to her about initialing as you…

  21. Awesome! Love the initials hahahaha

  22. LOL…she’s just saving you some time.

  23. Very cute!

  24. Haha! How cute! Watch that though- initials are a gateway forgery. 😉

  25. LOL

    That is too funny! I bet she didn’t even realize what she had done, huh?

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