Little Chefs Project eBook Announcement

We are excited to announce our participation in The Little Chefs Project! As part of the project, we contributed the newly published eBook, The Little Chefs Project: A Collection of Kid-Friendly Tips, Tricks and Recipes for Fun in the Kitchen!

We love to cook in our kitchen as that part of living our life on a budget. We also love to include our children in the cooking process. The kitchen is a great classroom and lab for little ones! You will often see a stool in our kitchen so the kids can reach the counter …

or you will find little hands adding ingredients to a dish.

One little secret we have … if the kids help make the food, they are more likely to eat it!

We hope you check out the eBook. We contributed to Chapter 4 – Family Time where you will find a nice quote from us and these two pictures I featured in this post!

What do you do to make time in the kitchen be family time? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Five Favorite Family Time Ideas

Top FIVE Favorite Family Time Ideas for Little Ones

All of my kids are four and under so this list geared towards the little ones in my life!

1) Bubbles. Aren’t they awesome? How can you not simple when you see them? (Plus they are CHEAP!)
2) Sidewalk Chalk. If you can walk past that massive blob of color on our sidewalk without smiling, you aren’t welcome at our house! I love that art work!
3) Chase the ball … Frisbee … whatever. The kids are still young enough to chase stuff and not think we are crazy telling them to chase it.
4) Coloring. This the type of art I can manage! I can color between the lines and impress the heck out of my kids. I love that! =)
5) Cooking. Now this a messy one but oh the kids love it and I try to remember the fun as I clean up the mess. The floor needs cleaned anyway, right?!

Do you love these ideas? Do you have other ideas to share? Leave me a comment and let me know!!