Simply Green: Unique Rabbit

I was introduced to Unique Rabbit recently. Unique Rabbitkindly sent me a complementary set of their product.

What is Unique Rabbit?
Kimberly at Unique Rabbit offers wonderful handmade items such as napkin hankies and hankie pockets!

Why is Unique Rabbit green and part of Simply Green? (taken from their homepage)
Paperless towels make a great gift for everyone on your list. They come beautifully packaged in twine with a small insert that explains the environmental benefits of paperless towels. Soft flannel paperless towels/napkins are gentle on you and the planet! If you are tired of spending money on disposable paper towels/napkins here’s an earth-friendly solution.

My thoughts about Unique Rabbit
The paperless towels are really nice. They are a great size and the flannel fabric is really great. My kids can go through some napkins when they want to so it will be nice to give them these when they are in one of their super messy modes! We do enough laundry that it is super easy to just toss these in the next load that I was. If you want to keep on saving, get a couple of sets of these and then you can probably almost stop buying those paper napkins!

I am excited to announce that Unique Rabbit has offered one of my readers a set of reusable napkins to try themselves!


NOTE: I was provided with a complementary set of napkins hankies from Unique Rabbit to provide this review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Simply Green: EcoSMART

I am pleased to introduce you to EcoSMART. EcoSMART generously sent me their Safe Plant and Garden Value Bundle that includes organic insect repellent.

What is EcoSMART? (taken from their Company Information page)
EcoSMART Technologies, the world leader in safe pesticide solutions, is a venture-backed company with patented technology and a world-class management team. Our mission is to create the world’s safest, most effective pesticides based on natural ingredients. We have 15 years of scientific research and a wealth of patents behind us. We make the only 100% safe insecticide that is proven to work. We offer the only complete line of EPA exempt pesticides sold in the US.

Why is EcoSMART green and part of Simply Green? (taken from their Company Information page)
EcoSMART was the first company to apply modern science to essential plant oils — creating the first 100% safe pesticides. Our products are based on the natural defenses that plants and trees have used for their self protection against insects and pathogens for millenia – essential oils.
Since EcoSMART’s proprietary botanical oil blends attack attributes that are specific only to pests, they have no effect on people, pets or the environment. The primary active ingredients in EcoSMART products are approved as Direct Food Additives or classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. These oils are commonly used to add flavor and aroma to many cosmetic, beverage and food products, including cake, candy, sweetener, gum, soft drinks, and lipstick. Children and pets are safe. No need to clear them out after application or be concerned if they are near our products. Our products have no adverse effect on mammals, birds, and fish and also will not contaminate water sources.

I was happy to receive the Safe Plant and Garden Value Bundle. It can be hard to find organic pest control for your garden! Needless to say here in Virginia we aren’t grown much of anything these days … the weeds are even frozen! That being said, come the spring, we will give this a full test drive in our veggie garden and I will do my best to remember to post an update then!

I am excited to announce that EcoSMART has offered one of my readers their Safe Personal Care bundle that includes four (4) bottles of insect repellent!

NOTE: EcoSMART kindly sent their Safe Plant and Garden Value Bundle to provide this review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Simply Green: The Joy of Cleaning Book

I excited to introduce you to The Joy of Cleaning. The Joy of Cleaning kindly sent me a complementary copy of this book!What is The Joy of Cleaning? (adapted from the About The Author page)
Leslie Reichert is a “green” cleaning coach and the owner of the Back Door—a vacuum and homekeeping store now celebrating 18 years in Uxbridge, Massachusetts and nationally online at Leslie has also seen, firsthand, scores of parents who fight a daily battle with asthma and allergies, which many believe are caused by using harsh chemicals in the home. Three years ago she realized she wanted to share her knowledge and encourage people in the “art” of homekeeping and green cleaning and since then she has become a coach, a presenter, and a speaker for the green cleaning industry. The Joy of Cleaning is a “cookbook” for green cleaning written by Leslie!

Why is The Joy of Cleaning green and part of Simply Green? (taken from their About page)
A collection of simple yet proven green recipes to help you green your cleaning. Just start by trying one or two and soon you’ll be going to your pantry for cleaning solutions instead of the cabinet under the sink.

My thoughts about The Joy of Cleaning …
When I got this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I don’t have time to make my own cleaners was my first thought. Plus I most certainly don’t have the stuff to make them. I was greatly surprised to see how easy these recipes are. I will admit there are some ingredient that you won’t have laying around. That is unless you randomly have soap flakes laying around your laundry room or cleaning closet. But many of them are common ingredients that you will have in your pantry or laundry room … or at least can pick up the next trip out the store. I really love that Leslie has written these recipes out. They are great a budget saver for families. If you want to be really thrifty and green, a gift basket of these cleaners made up would be a great house warming or well any time gift for just about any family!

Leslie’s site for The Joy of Cleaning also offers an e-book download of this great book. You save $5.95 PLUS the shipping and handling fee by getting the e-book to make it an even thriftier deal!

Also check out Leslie’s main site, The Cleaning Coach for great tips!

I am excited to announce that the Cleaning Coach has offered a hard copy of The Joy of Cleaning to one of my readers!!


NOTE: I was provided with complementary copy of The Joy of Cleaning to provide this review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

What was the Most Surprising Gift You’ve Ever Received?

What is your answer to this question?

For me, it was a gift that many ladies have received. My most surprising gift was my engagement ring. Sure, we had talked about marriage and what our life together would be but I was a college student and my guy was a grunt … more specifically an enlisted Infantry guy in the Army! I knew he didn’t have money to get me a ring but he hand managed to work out a financing deal and surprise me with a ring during his holiday leave. We hadn’t seen each other for months and during that time we had over a month where we didn’t even talk due his training. So needless to say, I was just happy to have him around.

I love my proposal story because it is a snowy, romantic story at one of my favourite places, the campus of Virgina Tech. ahhhh. We walked from my apartment to an ice cream store that had just opened and then walked over to campus. I remember telling Brian that my hands were going to freeze while I was foolishly trying to finish my yummy waffle cone! We got to campus and stood on top of the chapel (yes, you can stand on the top of the chapel!) and looked over the beautiful Drill Field. I saw the lights on in my old dorm room. That was the room I lived in when I met Brian. I was freezing and rambling on about how that room had great memories. Brian reached around me with a box and asked if I would create a lifetime of memories with him. That is when the tears started! Tears that instantly froze to my face. That was my Christmas gift eight years ago. I still remember how surprised I was and how special I felt that night.

I share that story hoping that we all get a moment where we are that surprised and feel that special!!

So what is your answer to the question, What was the Most Surprising Gift You’ve Ever Recieved?” Leave me a comment and let me know!

Simply Green: Bummas

I was introduced to Bummas recently. Bummas kindly sent me a complementary set of their product.What is Bummas? (adapted from their Our Story page)
The creation of Bummas came about when we had our first baby boy. The one thing that was never mentioned was how to dry our little guy’s “stuff” off after the clean up. Our baby’s bum was just way too wet to put a diaper back on–and blowing down there until you’re blue in the face just wasn’t working. Thus Bummas were born. A soft absorbent, luxurious baby cloth to soak up all the wetness.Why is Bummas green and part of Simply Green? (taken from their homepage)
Bummas are small soft, luxurious baby-sized cloths made especially for drying baby bottoms, as well as blocking those surprise squirts. And with a little douse of water, they can also replace wet wipes for clean up of sensitive bums. They are small enough to conveniently carry on the go and durable enough to wash over and over again and won’t pill shrink or fade. We think you will find Bummas to be an indispensable item in your diaper changing regimen.

My thoughts about Bummas
I was sent a set of The Wild Ones Bummas. My three year old claimed them when arrived and declared they were “napkins”. She proceeded to play them by lining them up in a row and then using them in her play kitchen. That was first use of the Bummas at our house. Since then they have been used to clean up a messy baby as he practices eating oatmeal, wipe up spills, clean off hands, tossed in my pump bag as a clean up cloth, and probably a dozen other times. None of those were really the usages mentioned by Bummas but I can tell you they work great for all of them! They made it through the laundry several times and still look as good as new. So even if you don’t use these to dry your baby’s butt, I am sure you can find a dozen other ways to use them!;)

I am excited to announce that Bummas has offered one of my readers a set of Bummas to try themselves!


NOTE: I was provided with a complementary The Wild Ones set from Bummas to provide this review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Merry Christmas plus a savings tip!

Merry Christmas!

Sorry no pretty clip art today but I am not at my computer. We are visiting my parents and got the joy of watching our girls open everyone’s presents. Their own weren’t enough so they took to helping everyone else! Plus we got to sing The Happy Birthday song to Baby Jesus … well, we had since he had a birthday cake and all! I love how little kids think and want to celebrate in the ways they know.

Since my tips have been few and far between lately, I wanted to share a simple after Christmas shopping tip.

TIP: Stock up on supplies you can use all year long while they are on clearance after the holiday. I only buy tissue paper after Christmas. I don’t pay full price for tissue paper … ever! Plain white tissue paper is always on sale after Christmas. Also look for rolls of solid color paper and stock up on those too! You can use that paper all year long.;) Other “regular” items that have holiday packaging will be also be on clearance … tape, crackers, cookie dough, etc., … take an extra look around the holiday aisles for these items!

Of course, you probably know to stock up for next Christmas so go buy your cards, your decorations, etc all while they are on sale! Remember to look for boxed set gifts that can be used all year long by you or to give as gifts when you pull them out of the holiday box and repackage them in a gift bag!!

As for toys, wait on those. They tend to go on sale the end of January or early February.;)

Simply Green: Vapur

I excited to introduce you to Vapur. Vapur kindly sent me a complementary water bottle and thanks to @mck1245 on Twitter for suggesting this company!What is Vapur? (taken from their website)
Vapur is the first flexible water bottle designed to fit in your pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase. Unlike rigid water bottles that are full of hot air when empty, Vapur can be rolled, folded or flattened and tucked away. This means it goes more places and fits in tighter spaces than any other bottle.

Why is Vapur green and part of Simply Green? (taken from their About page)
At Vapur, we believe that clean tap water is the best drinking water for you, your community and the planet (learn why). So we have set out to make tap water infinitely portable, universally available and ethically sustainable. We hope you find Vapur so darn convenient that you’ll swear off bottled water forever!
Refillable water bottles are a great way to help fight the global water and environmental crisis. But let’s face it, carrying bulky water bottles around everyday can be a pain, especially when empty. So we designed the Vapur flexible bottle to “fold-and-go”— which means it can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty—making it the most portable and convenient water bottle on the planet. We hope this simple idea will help put an end to the use of bottled water.

My thoughts about Vapur
My husband claimed this water bottle when it came. He often takes his dinner to his part time job so he liked he could clip it to his bag. He thought it was great that when he was done with it that there wasn’t a big bottle he still had to carry around. I personally like that you can write your name on it so everyone knows it is yours!;) The design is so simple but so great. Even kids can use this and it won’t take a ton of room for them to carry it around. I can see shoving a bunch of these into a bag to fill up at a water fountain while out and about. How great would that be to not carry a ton of water around with you?! That being said, I think it is great they offer a bundle pack to save you even more money!

I am excited to announce that Vapur has offered a water bottle to try themselves to THREE of my readers!!


NOTE: I was provided with complementary water bottle by Vapur to provide this review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

A hiccup … well not really

I say a hiccup but not really a hiccup but a time out. I won’t be online today and well I don’t know when I will back online. I am working with my most excellent (yes, my brother made me watch Wayne’s World way too many times!) husband to get some posts up for me. That being said, the sidebar may or may not be updated. Expect posts at any of time of day … well that is standard by now.

I hope to come back in top notch shape though. Well top notch minus a gallbladder that has been giving a really rough time lately. Surgery two days before Christmas isn’t ideal but I am hoping the pain and attacks stop. I am hoping to actually enjoy a Christmas cookie too! OK, I want way more than ONE Christmas cookie and will be happy to eat something besides butter-less toast, fruit, and carrots. Sorry but that doesn’t scream the holidays for me.

So hang in here if posts aren’t going up. It will happen and Simply Green will finish with a bang. I promise you that. There are still some awesome giveaway coming!!

Simply Green: Weil Baby

I was introduced to Weil Baby recently. Weil Baby kindly sent me a complementary assortment of their products.

What is Weil Baby? (adapted from their about page)
Andrew Weil, M.D., has devoted the past three decades to developing, practicing and teaching others about the principles of integrative medicine. The founder of Weil Lifestyle, LLC the leading resource for integrative medicine education, information products, and services, Dr. Weil combines a Harvard education and a lifetime of investigating natural and preventative medicine to provide a unique approach to health care which encompasses body, mind and spirit.
Dr. Weill personally makes nothing from products to which I license my name. I donate all of my after-tax profits from royalties from sales of Weil Baby products directly to the Weil Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting integrative medicine through training, education and research.

Why is Weil Baby green and part of Simply Green? (taken from their Smaller Carbon Footprint page)
Weil Baby recognizes the importance of ensuring the future health of our children and the environment they grow up in. The company has worked to assure all materials and packaging used in the production of its products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are committed to worldwide education on the importance of using products that are healthy for our bodies, our families, and our world.
All Weil Baby products are made of the highest quality materials with our partners and affiliates right here in the USA. We’re the only major baby bottle company that manufactures everything in America.
This means our carbon footprint is minimal. No overseas shipping reduces carbon emissions and prevents the promotion of questionable work environments and fair trade issues.
Our products are always BPA FREE and nontoxic.
Additionally, our packaging is made with 100% recycled paper. Our window box is made of PET, without glue, to retain 100% recyclability and our insert shell is made of a revolutionary new biodegradable material called BioMax.™

My thoughts about Weil Baby…
Weil Baby kindly sent me their WeilBaby Tritan Nurser Bottle, WeilBaby Tritan Drinking Cup, and WeilBaby pacifier to review. Little dude is a nursing baby when he can but since I do work full time he does take bottles so it is nice to give a new bottle a try. That being said, Little dude doesn’t like bottles so it was hard to judge this bottle off him. He took it as well as any other bottle for what that is worth. I will say it is nice and easy to clean since it doesn’t have a lot of extra pieces that many new bottles have! My girls gave the cup a try. I like that the handles are removable. We had handle cups when my girls were smaller and they are great so this cup will be ready for Little dude! My girls are game for just about any cup you hand them so they took to this cup immediately. I had to give it to each of them when the other wasn’t around so they wouldn’t fight over it (at 3 and 2 they find any reason they can to fight over stuff!) So if you are ready to venture into sippy cups, check out this cup because it will grow with your kids which is a great budget saver!

Weil Baby brand products are available at select Babies R Us stores but they hope to be nationwide by the end of the year!
Also Weil Baby has a $5 coupon their website right now. It should be there through the end of the year so go get it while it is there! It is at the bottom of their homepage


NOTE: I was provided with a complementary products by Weil Baby to provide this review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Simply Green: Carebags

I was introduced to Carebags recently thanks a suggestion by my contact at The Tote Buddy! Carebags kindly sent me a complementary Carebags.

What is Carebags? (taken from their website)
Carebags were the brainchild of two young mothers in Mission, B.C., back in the early 1990’s. With 5 kids under the age 5 between them, they launched a line of re-useable bags to be used for buying produce and bulk foods. Why? Because plastic bags on the roll are unnecessary & wasteful. Strong, stretchy and extremely longlasting, some of those first Carebags ever made are still in use today, 17 years later.

Why is Carebags green and part of Simply Green? (taken from their website)
carebags are100% re-useable produce bags. Buy, wash, and store fruits and vegetables right in the bag. carebags are made of a highly durable synthetic fibre. They are long-lasting, strong, lightweight and breathable. Use carebags to bring home all your fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and rice. No More Plastic Bags. carebags are locally made in Vancouver, Canada. All paper packaging is made of 100% recycled stock. Bring carebags with you when you shop. Place loose dry goods or produce in the bag. Use the bag to store, or to sprout dry goods. Wash produce in the carebag, prior to storage. Gently shake off excess moisture from the carebag and place your produce in the crisper section of the fridge. The slight dampness of the carebags, works with the atmosphere in your crisper to help keep produce fresh.

My thoughts about Carebags…
We received the Carebags while our veggie co-op was still going so my husband threw them in the tote he uses for that. He had been reusing grocery store bags to keep items separate when he picked up our veggies. After using these, I don’t think there is any going back to those grocery store bags though. When Diana from Carebags, told me she fit her gym shoes in these bags I didn’t believe it. Seeing was truly believing for me when I saw how many yams DH got into one of the stretchy bags. One of the best features of these bags is that you can leave your produce in them and it keeps much longer! This has been a great time saver for us and keeps our produce fresh until we are ready to use it which is a big budget saver! The bags are easy to clean and dry super fast. Now that our co-op is done for the season, these will be going in our reusable grocery store bags to be used at the grocery store! So forget those plastic bags and containers that say they keep your produce fresh and try Carebags. I think you will love them as much as we do!

Carebags has offered three giveaway items including Carebags original, Carebags green singles with drawstring, and Carebags Canadian Pouch so there will the THREE separate winners!

NOTE: I was provided with a complementary bags from by Carebags to provide this review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.