Discovering One Creative Cookie

One Creative Cookie Bag

Details …

One Creative Cookie has gorgeous custom sugar cookies, as delicious as they are beautiful, handmade-to-order with fresh ingredients. Exquisite attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Our sugar cookies are an indulgent 1/2″ thick and the majority measure 4″ in their longest dimension. Their net weight ranges between 1.8 oz and 2.5 oz. Every cookie is individually bagged and tied with a coordinating satin ribbon.

Our unique, custom cookies are created by Kelly Trout in a facility certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Agriculture.

My Thoughts …

I started following One Creative Cookie on Facebook after a local friend posted about them. I am sucker for sweet treats and love seeing their creations in my Facebook stream. Earlier this week they had a contest posted that three fans who commented on their post would win cookie coins from them. Win cookies?! I was in so I entered. Then I got a Facebook message I won. I won! So what does any busy mom do? I did the practical thing and begged my husband to go pick up my prize. He did!! The fee was a few eaten cookie coins but it was worth it! Look at the prize I won …

One Creative Cookie Fall Cookies

These are so yummy. Brian declared them to the exact right size. I love how they aren’t super sweet. Sure I love sweets but super sweet cookies are too much for even me!

If you want to see more of Kelly’s cookies, be sure to follow One Creative Cookie on Facebook and check out their webpage!

Now I am trying to think up what excuse …. errr, ummm, event I can use One Creative Cookie to create wonderful cookies for … Sophie’s birthday? My sister having a baby? Or just because I love cookies? I will be looking forward to more cookies from One Creative Cookie for sure!

Take a second to check out One Creative Cookie and tell us what you think? We would love to hear what you think of this local find!

NOTE: This is not a sponsored campaign. I just want to share a local find that deserves being shared!

Joining in the Local Festivities at DragonFest

On Friday, Beth was away doing Girl Scout training and I had the kids for the evening.  The girls had been pushing to go to DragonFest all week, so I figured that it couldn’t hurt to bring everyone out.

DragonFest is a local festival of sorts.  Our local high school team is the Dragons and DragonFest is held right before the first home football game of the season.  It is a chance for the community to come together and support the local teams, meet with neighbors, and have some great fun with the kids.  Cheerleaders, wrestling teams, etc were all out to raise money for their upcoming seasons.

We had heard about DragonFest for a couple of years, but we have always had the little ones that make it tough to go out to crowded events.  Since the kids are starting to get a little bigger and able to listen a little better, I figured that this was a good time to head out with them.


Grace really wanted to go this year because her teacher was going to be the one sitting in the dunk tank.  She was very excited to watch him get wet!  I just love the expression on his face as he goes down!



As soon as we got there, Matthew knew just what he wanted to do!  He saw bounce houses and was not shy telling me over and over again just where we needed to be.  Grace bounced too, but was content to wait patiently for her brother and sister to get finished.  She really is growing up too fast!



One of the big highlights this year was when the parachutists came down onto the field with the game ball.  It is always pretty cool to see the skill of these guys to land so cleanly and the kids were very excited to watch.  I kept getting told about how much practice it takes to come down from the sky like that.  It’s so neat how their minds work sometimes.


Do you have any small local festivals in your area?  I’m not talking about the regional street fairs, but the ones that are special because they are so small.  Leave us a comment and let us know.

Pumpkin Patch Visit 2012: Miller Farms Market

We took time earlier this month to visit our favorite pumpkin patch here in Central Virginia. We headed to Miller Farms Market in Orange, VA. It is a drive for us but they only charge you for your pumpkins. A lot places around here charge admission fees and even hayride fees. With a family of five, those fees add up so we hope to be spending our money at Millers Farms Market for years to come!

We got our carving pumpkins and my baking pumpkins here. Hopefully by mid-November I will find time to process my Long Island Cheese and Peanut pumpkins for Miller Farms Market. I can taste how yummy they are already! For now, here are pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch …

This was one of my favorite pictures. My boys out in the middle of the HUGE pumpkin patch!

Did you get to visit a pumpkin patch this fall? Leave us a comment and let us know. Happy Halloween to your family from ours!

Friday Favorites: Cville Saver

Friday Favorites is another almost weekly feature here at Simply Budgeted.  The whole point of this feature is to share some of our favorite finds.  Anything is game. Food. Cleaning supplies. Kid stuff. Garden favorites. Recipes. Anything that I really like and want to randomly  post about. Reminder/Disclaimer/Whatever: Everything in Friday Favorites is something that we use and bought on our own.

Up this week …

Cville Saver (

Do you love deal sites? I do. I have a little obsession with those emails that show up in my inbox. And then there are ones that people post about on Facebook … umm, yeah. Small problem on my part. But this small problem has let us stretch our budget in some of those present spending budget pie areas … you know entertainment, eating out, and other “extras”.

I recently discovered Cville Savers. This is a deal site local to Charlottesville, VA. I love it. You see there is no Living Social or Groupon or whatever accounts for Charlottesville so I tend to buy the online deals at those sites. But with this site it is all local. I hear you, you aren’t from around here. That is fine. Check your area. I have heard of others on the radio recently and I am sure if you look or ask around you might just find a local deal site in your area!

So why is local good? Well I have bought a pass to Bounce-n-Play (the indoor bounce place in this area) and then summer dance classes for my girls at Charlottesville Ballet.  The Charlottesville Ballet deal is one of my all time favorites at it include the registration fee for the year which was a bonus added savings for us during the school year! Our summer budget has been tight so I have watched my deal site purchases but in these cases the deals were beyond their worth for sure since they involved activities for our kids.

Do you have a favorite deal site? Is it a big one or a local one? Or maybe you lucky enough that the big sites are in your area. Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite deal site purchases have been!