Friday Favorite: Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit


Friday Favorites is another almost weekly feature here at Simply Budgeted. The whole point of this feature is to share some of our favorite finds. Anything is game. Food. Cleaning supplies. Kid stuff. Garden favorites. Recipes. Anything that I really like and want to randomly … [Read more...]

Wealth Watchers: A Simple Program to Help You Spend Less and Save More


  Details ... Ten years ago, Alice Wood was living a normal life, balancing her career, family, and finances with con dence. Having grown up with a father who was a bank president from the pre-branch banking era and a mother who was influenced by the Great … [Read more...]

A Budget of Convenience

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Is your budget a budget of necessity or a budget of convenience? With a budget of necessity, you are down to what you need. You may be paying off debt. You may be adding to your savings. You aren't buying extras such a dinner out or hitting up a sale to look for new shoes for … [Read more...]

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012


This isn't your typical New Year's Eve post ... mostly because it really has nothing to do with New Year's Eve. It just fits because of the years mentioned. It is a post that has been on my list to write but it never made it to the top of the pile to write so here it is and … [Read more...]

25 Freebies for Holiday Shoppers


We are excited to bring another guest post to you today from Andrea Woroch! Somewhere in all this frantic shopping, shouldn’t there be something just for you? We’ve found 25 stores and restaurants offering something they call “lagniappe” in New Orleans. Consider it your free … [Read more...]

Lighten Up by Peter Walsh


Details ... It seems as though not a day goes by that we don’t think about money. We cut back on spending. We chase a bargain. We try to save more. We strive to use less credit. We worry about funding our retirement and our children’s education. Yet we continue to spend money on … [Read more...]

20 Trendy and Cheap Halloween Costumes for 2011


We are excited to bring another guest post to you today from Andrea Woroch! Halloween is now officially the second-highest grossing holiday of the year, right after Christmas. No doubt thrift shops come in for a major cut of that profit. Costume shops do pretty well, … [Read more...]